Our story

How to go back to Old Times? How to live close to nature? These are the questions two young adults are asked themselves when they decided to change their lifestyle restoring a Masseria in Salento.
Masseria Cataldo has arisen from this need: to enhance one’s past giving birth to a present in empathy with nature.
The Masseria, dating from the 19th century, is in the hearth of Salento, immersed in the countryside of Corigliano D’Otranto, a small town in the area of “Grecìa Salentina” where some groups, coming from the earliest Hellenistic settlements, have been supporting their own history and tradition going on speaking “Griko”.
We have revived the construction respecting faithfully the native building: everything reminds you history, from a typical type of “lecce stone” and an attractive vaulted ceiling “volta a stella” to the furniture, carried out from antiques which have been re-used.

Every nook and any detail frame an old photo that we’ll be happy to tell about, immersed in a still uninfected nature where you can breathe deeply, enjoying again old times and hoping for future.
To believe in your own country, coming back to one’s origins and re-establish just the bond we have with it, to risk personally once again with intense feeling…we think all this will be able to bring everyone to something magical and exciting.
Who are we? We are Cantone and Brunetti, as chance would have, they the same surnames of the leading actors of the very beautiful film completely shot in Salento and directed by Ozpetek, who had advanced our story of “Loose Cannons” in some way.

Azienda agrituristica
Via Comunale Petrone Pleggi 251
73022, Corigliano d’Otranto (LE) Italy

Gaetano: +39.3392736852
Daniela: +39.3287151881

Email: info@masseriacataldo.it

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