Life at Masseria

Our Masseria has 3 double rooms only, and the pool and restaurant are reserved for the exclusive use of the our guests!

Living immersed in nature and in empathy with it is the essence of days spending in our “Masseria”, where to savour again the scents, colours and poetic sounds from the land has become a real path.
The wind that whips pressingly during the north-wind fresh days, the unceasing singing of cicadas along sultry summer days keep you company making realize that, apart from us, there’s so much…

that is some “cotenants” of any species and size on our planet, but most of all that we aren’t used to hearing that pacifying silence, helping us to be aware of ourselves and understand our real needs.
We are absent-minded by never ending nonsense everyday, but always in so much hurry that, we don’t realize about it.

Here it is what we want to do for our guests: regaining one’s own time and savouring the essential again, simply enjoying the peace and beauties of uncontaminated places.

Azienda agrituristica
Via Comunale Petrone Pleggi 251
73022, Corigliano d’Otranto (LE) Italy

Gaetano: +39.3392736852
Daniela: +39.3287151881


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