Our cooking is addressed to thought for anyone who doesn’t want to be guided by classic menu, open-minded guests, who are curious about taking our advice, along a way of taste going exploring for old forgotten flavours.
As genuine people from South-Italy like we are, we really like rural and unconventional cooking but, at the same time, being keen on food and our land, we love especially homemade meals. For this reason, we favour the old forgotten dishes we were used to tasting when we were children, making them with all the ingredients taken from our home-grown vegetables according to the seasons’cycle.
All foodstuffs we use are the fruits of our labours, in that we completely take care of our organic garden where we grow vegetables, selected among few old types still existing and we pick all the wild herbs grown in our countryside that we love and defend.
As we are eager to live again old times’atmosphere, we have decided to make all at home or sometimes, in some small carefully chosen local farms, with which we work together.

For instance, we prepare any sweet or salty dish with our wheat flour, from the most renowned homemade pasta in various typical sizes of Salento to the most classic “Frisella” whose crunchiness best thickens typical tastes of foods side by it. In the same way, with lots of fruit picked from our trees, we make at home jams and sweet cakes that will gladden our guests’ breakfast never giving up tastiness of our ingredients.

Moreover our area is full of people skilled at making all the tastiest foodstuffs so, for instance we are happy to visit, in the morning, our friend Lucio who wins us with her still-hot fresh and delicious bread or Antonio and Mariangela who make some excellent cheeses from their sheep’s milk while taking care of them on their own with devotion. There’s also the friendly Giulio who always astonishes us with his genuine eggs
we could go on listing lots of things if you like but…

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