All foodstuffs we use, in our country-cooking, come from our organic garden, where are grown vegetables, on a small scale, in a sustainable environment respecting seasons’ cycle, to offer only fresh and genuine products to our guests.
We are in favour of our grandmas’ flavoured-home-cooking and simply autochthonous varieties of agricultural produce; I would really like to instance “winter tomatoes’ variety” picked in summer and kept magically in a cool place for so long time to let us enrich our dishes with them all the year… till the next summer picking and I may go on saying about home-grown “mugnolo” the forefather of broccoli, from intense flavour and endless healthy qualities but unfortunately, it is almost extinct today.

As for fruit trees, we have delighted in giving rise to an old times’ orchard in the area surrounding our Masseria, keeping on growing various kinds of fruit grown here in the past, like the “Susino” from Calimera – a variety of Plum tree – which is real uniqueness, the “Petrucino” Pear, the “Albicocca Galatonese” an apricot tree variety from Galatone, the “Saracen” Fig tree and so on…giving rise to an only biodiversity of one’s kind.
As far as ourthisgenuine Salento area is concerned, there can’t be here an olive grove with about 200 trees which are our “guards” (among age-old and younger ones), the first to welcome our guests!

Azienda agrituristica
Via Comunale Petrone Pleggi 251
73022, Corigliano d’Otranto (LE) Italy

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